Furbearers Discord

Since my last post on furbearer hunting I’ve been spending a lot of time looking into products, watching a bunch of FOXPRO videos, and reading as much as I can. I looked for a subreddit for furbearers and couldn’t find a general one; there appears to be an r/trapping but it’s dead with its last post being 9 months ago. I checked for a Discord and couldn’t find one, which might just be it not being discoverable because of low user numbers.

Since I couldn’t find one and don’t really want to sign up for every random furbearer forum, I decided to start a Furbearers Discord. I’m hoping to make it a place for people from all over the world to learn more about furbearer hunting and trapping. Right now I have channels for every US state and all of the Canadian provinces.

If you’re a furbearer, whether you hunt, trap, or do both and want to share your knowledge with people please consider joining the discord server. You can do so by going to http://furbearers.group/