Fox Season 2020

So, it’s looking like I won’t be getting the fox that is constantly walking my property this season. I have Monday to do it and I’ve seen him only three times. The first time was sitting in my neighbors field, the second was 10 minutes later coming out from behind my shed, I mistakenly thought fox season was over so just yelled out the window to run him off, and the third time was Thursday morning when I saw him running in the woods behind my house just past the property line.

I’ve seen evidence of him coming and going through my yard almost every day there has been snow. He walks out of the woods by the road, strolls across the front yard, between cars, and out to the neighbors field. I also find his tracks in my backyard coming from my shed, up to my back steps, around the yard, and then into the back of the property to the woods. So he is out there, just not when I’m able to easily do anything about it. I looked into buying a hand call but processing and shipping would get it here well after the end of the season.

I mentioned in my last post about furbearer hunting that I plan on upgrading my 6.5 Grendel for Coyote and getting some ammo made up for it and my 5.56 AR. I bought some 122 GR Lehigh Controlled Chaos bullets with the intention of making some 6.5 Grendel varmint and predator ammo. It turns out Lehigh says to only use them with 6.5 Creedmoor, so that’s a disappointment, but I only have FMJ 6.5 bullets on hand at the moment and my Interlock Soft Points from Hornady’s Get Loaded promo are probably 24 weeks away from delivery, so at least this gives me something for Coyote, just out of a different platform and caliber than I wanted.

Now 6.5 Grendel/Creedmoor and 5.56 are not what I want to use on fox, it’s a smaller animal and I don’t want to destroy the fur. I think my 2021 Fox gun comes down to rimfire if I want to keep the fur.

If I go rimfire it is going to be a 17 HMR or a 22 WMR. I’ve read plenty of pros and cons of both, but can’t pick one caliber to go with based on that. So what I would do is buy both and make a decision based on actual results. I’m looking at the new Bergara BMR Steel for both calibers (I’ll probably get the 22LR version as well since I don’t have a threaded 22). They have the benefit of using the same magazines for all three calibers so if one caliber does better I can use all the magazines for it instead of having to buy more. They have a reasonable MSRP of $565 and come with 5 and 10 round magazines.