The only thing I want

People talk about what they want to do when they retire or if they hit the lottery for an obscene amount of money. I’m realizing that there is not much I want in this world, I mostly just want to be left alone. I think that’s what most conservatives actually want, to be left alone to live their lives.

I’ve made a decision that this year I’m buying myself 10-20 acres of land and building a small cabin on it. I’d like to run electric and cable to it for internet access because I like streaming shows and need internet for work. I could probably power almost everything with solar panels. I remember my grandmother cooking on the wood stove in her garage and heating the house with it, so that is an option that wouldn’t require any electric. Indoor plumbing would need electric though for a hot water heater and for the well, not sure if solar would be good enough for that, though I could probably get away without having a hot water heater. I’m just not thrilled with the idea of cold showers, especially in winter.

I’d like to find a property that I could start a small farm on to raise my own meat, grow my own vegetables, shoot when I feel like it, and hunt for deer and turkey during their respective seasons. Having a nice pond for duck hunting would be a bonus, though I could always make one. Start a flock of chickens for eggs, another for meat, and get some feeder pigs and maybe some feeder lambs to start with. I don’t want to mess with dairy animals nor breeding animals, just buy the feeders and meat chicks in the spring, raise them until they reach slaughter weight and be done with them for the year.

There’s a local to me butcher shop that will process lamb and pigs, so that will cost money but save me time, the meat chickens I’ll have to do myself but I don’t plan on going crazy with the number and only needing a day to do that. Hunting wise I need to learn more about everything after the shot, I have my hunter safety certificate so I got the general overview of what needs to be done, but no hands on experience since my father never hunted and the few family members who do, I don’t interact with. I think I’m going to just need to watch a ton of YouTube videos on it, read as many articles as possible, and learn by doing. I can take deer to be processed, but need to get them to that point, and ideally I’d like to save money and do it myself.

Unless I need to go to town for specific groceries, staples, to see family, or to the bank I’d probably never leave my property.