The next four years will suck

You know, I didn’t think 2020 could get any worse than it was, states shutting down “non-essential” businesses, people losing everything, mask nazis, rioting over criminals killed by the police, rioting over armed criminals getting shot, the left supporting these rioters and bailing them out. Then the election came, there’s fraud, but there’s nothing going to be done about it.

The left spent the last four years calling 2016 a stolen election handed to President Trump by the Russians. Shouting “not my president”, racist, xenophobe, orange man, nazi, white supremacist, and more because their candidate didn’t win. Rioting and running to court whenever he did something they didn’t like whether it was a travel ban or a Supreme Court nominee.

If you support President Trump you’re automatically an uneducated racist, xenophobic, redneck, white supremacist who needs to be rounded up and reeducated. I’m not sure how they justify the uneducated part when there are individuals with various levels of college education that support him; I guess only liberal arts and women studies are valid educations to them? I’m also not sure how non-white minorities are white supremacists, but the party that formed the KKK must know. It’s not xenophobic to want immigration to happen legally and not with thousands of people just flooding across the border.

2021 and beyond

This year started off with a protest turned riot, not surprisingly since it was a protest where President Trump spoke that left decided to call a riot a riot. Regardless of whether you believe these were Trump supporters, antifa, or a false flag, people died. Those responsible for their deaths should be held accountable. However, you can’t allow riots to occur for months during a pandemic where no one faced any lasting charges, celebrities and politicians fundraised for bail, police officers were violently attacked, federal buildings were repeatedly being set on fire, and suddenly throw the book at those of the opposite political leaning. The left is calling it an attempted coup, really? I’d like to believe that a coup attempt by the right would actually be successful considering we own the most guns, have a penchant for sitting in the woods for hours waiting for the right deer to show up, and believe the election was stolen with enough evidence to support it.

We’re stuck with Biden until Harris offs him or otherwise takes over. It’s going to suck, we’re going to be threatened and attacked by soy-boys, karens, feminists, and anyone else that the left has convinced we’re the enemy of democracy. We’re going to see a strong push for socialism, universal basic income, and a complete change of the constitution. I’m not talking just about the second amendment, though I expect that to get assaulted shortly after 1/20. The first amendment is going to be under an even larger attack, Twitter and Facebook are already banning people left and right who don’t agree with their liberal views, Amazon is kicking conservative companies off their AWS hardware, and it’s just the start.

Expect PC 2.0 where you can’t say anything at all without it being considered some form of -ist and charged with a hate crime solely based on someone feeling that its a hate crime. China’s social credit score will be coming to the US, big tech would love to have a way to rate people. You might have a successful small business, a loving family, and what you and everyone with any sense would consider a great life, but you’re a white, male Christian Republican. You now have a social credit score well below the non-white x pseudo-athiest anarchist who sits around all day with their cats screaming at the patriarchy via Twitter while collecting a UBI check from the government.

Dealing with it

You have choices to make. You can endlessly fight and argue with leftists until you’re both blue in the face knowing full well that you’re never going to change their mind and also risking the consequences that are sure to come with this administration; or you can live your life and not give a damn about the left. They’re going to do what they want and we’re probably not going to be able to do anything about it except vote, though honestly do we really expect any future election to actually be fair?

I’m choosing the later, I’ve wiped Twitter save for a “Fuck you Twitter” post that I’ve set to not allow comments and pinned to my profile. Facebook has been wiped but I’m still using it. Every page has been removed, all personal information is gone and I no longer have a profile photo. My profile is simply for keeping up with family. I’ve left every group I belonged to because the lefties are doing nothing but sharing memes, celebrating their “victory”, and whining about how terrifying the coup attempt was.

I actually deleted my LinkedIn last week because I don’t need a professional network for work, nor do I really use at all. Instagram is going to stay the same for now, I like posting gun related photos and viewing them too. I’ve deleted my gmail account and replaced it with a ProtonMail account.